We are Green

Commitment to an Eco-Friendly Environment at 100%.

Reduced energy consumption

We've been on a quest to implement sustainable development principles into all aspects of our operations, which has resulted in a 16 percent reduction in energy usage and an 8 percent reduction in water consumption.

We use as little energy as possible in all of our global offices and eco-friendly data centres, and we only employ the most energy-efficient Dell server systems available.

Every piece of office equipment, appliance, and heating and cooling system has been carefully chosen to be the most energy efficient models available.

Recycling waste

All of the packaging that GoSSDHosting receives with new servers, switches, and other products is recycled wherever possible. GoSSDHosting sends out client correspondence by email, including invoices, statements, and order confirmations.

Eco-Friendly Data Center

Our Datacenter provider Equinix runs on 100% clean and renewable energy by applying the following principals for sustainable and green environment.

  • Utilize renewable and low carbon energy
  • Secure local sources of renewable energy where possible
  • Seek new or recently built generation sources
  • Advocate for favorable renewable energy policies and consider renewable energy availability when locating new data centers

Paperless Working Environment

The GoSSDHosting team is always striving to be more environmentally conscious. In order to reduce paper usage, we've implemented a paperless environment in all of our global offices and datacenters. We are conserving a substantial amount of paper and decreasing the associated environmental consequences by utilising the most up-to-date technology and processes.

The Green Web Foundation

GoSSDHosting has partnered with The Greeb Web Foundation who has verified our hosting as eco-friendly and sustainable with extensive inspection. The Green Web Foundation has officially certified us as a partner! This organisation aims for the entire internet to be green and powered by renewable energy sources. This naturally aligns with our own goal of reducing the environmental effect of our hosting.

Hence, The Green Web Foundation will mark any website hosted with us as green hosting with the use of their global database. Enter a domain name into the Green Web Check tool on The Green Web Foundation's website to see if the website is hosted green.  

The Green Web Foundation

Get the Green Badge

All GoSSDHosting customers' websites are powered by 300% eco-friendly and renewable energy. Simply by choosing GoSSDHosting as your hosting service, you are reducing your company's overall carbon footprint. Help us promote this green initiative and do your bit by simply placing the code snippet below anywhere on your website.

Green Badge
<a href="https://www.gossdhosting.com" title="Green Hosting" target="_blank"> <img src="https://www.gossdhosting.com/assets/img/green-badge.png" width="200" alt="Green Web Hosting by GoSSDHosting"> </a>