Super Alpha Reseller

Sign up as a Super Alpha Reseller of GoSSDHosting that comes complete with cPanel/WHM and WHMReseller. Instead of Tensed Server Management, you will have full control over VPS or a Server as a Super Alpha Reseller.

Super Alpha Reseller Hosting cPanel

SSD Super Alpha Reseller cPanel

Super Alpha lets your keep your own server and help you boost your web hosting business. All tools and resources you need as a Super Alpha Reseller will be provided to you by GoSSDHosting.

Addon Services

  • Dedicated IP

    ₹200 /mo

  • JetBackup Access

    ₹225 /mo

  • WHMCS License

    ₹1125 /mo

  • Blesta License

    ₹750 /mo

Additional cPanels

each per month Additional cPanel account.

Free Domain Reseller Account

We not only provide you with hardware resources but also with a domain reseller account for setting up your web hosting business free of charge. Simply integrate it into your billing software and start registering.

All Plans Include

Our plans come with powerful features, all backed by our fast 24/7 support and reliable hardware - and all of this comes at affordable prices!

Pure SSD Storage

It is a 100% pure NVMe SSD storage that is 900% faster than a traditional hard disc that will not only boost your website performance but also help you rank higher in search engines. This will help your customers enjoy better service. 

Free Migration of Accounts

You need not worry about moving your hefty data from one server to another. We will help you migrate your accounts from your previous host to our server without any data loss. Free Migration up to 5 accounts and ₹40 for remaining accounts.

Enhanced Performance

With full root access you will be able to take full control of your server very easy Holisticly repurpose granular models and go forward schemas. Professionally scale magnetic portals before

Reseller Hosting cPanel

Powerful Security Tool

A smart Web App Security solution that protects your websites from Malicious attacks, intrusion, brute force & spam without affecting your website performance. cPGuard also has a malware scanner that uses intelligent threat-detection, Symbolic link, Binary threats, and suspicious pattern recognition.

SSD Reseller Hosting
Free SSL Certificates

If you want your customers to trust you, make sure that their websites are 100% secure. You can easily do this by enabling them to create Free SSL Certificates from Let's Encrypt. With just one click, you can install unlimited SSL Certificates.

Instant Activation

Another feature to love about our web hosting solutions is the instant activation. Once you or your customer purchases a plan, your account will automatically be activated. No more verifying and waiting for approval. Run your website now.

Complete Whitelabel Server

With white label hosting, you have the ability to resell our plans, bandwidth, and services as if they were your own — and your customers won’t even know you’re using our service! You can even set your own hosting packages and pricing.

Conventional SSD Storage

  • SSD Provides upto 500 MB/s of Read/Write.
  • SSD Access data (latency) in 0.1 Milliseconds.
  • SSD Uses SATA III interface.
  • SSD Offers Up to 100,000 IOPS.
  • SSD can run 32 commands per queue, 1 Queue at a Time.

Our NVMe SSD Storage

  • NVMe provides upto 3,500 MB/s of Read/Write.
  • SSD Access data (latency) in 0.01 Milliseconds.
  • NVMe Uses PCIe Gen 3.0 x4, NVMe 1.3 interface.
  • NVMe Offers Up to 500,000 IOPS.
  • SSD can run 64,000 commands per queue, 64,000 Queue at a Time.

One Click App Installer

Our web hosting solutions are intuitive and user friendly. Get access to hundreds of web applications that are highly functional and easy to install. Our one-click install feature enables you and your customers to build their site in minutes!


Frequently Asked Queries

Need instant answers to your queries? Here are a few instant answers to your questions. Still have questions? Contact us!

Yes, our server is completely white-labeled, including the name of the server. Your client never gets to know about us.

As this is a shared server, the resources allocated to each account are fixed to 1 GB of RAM, 1 Core CPU, IO = 3 MB/s, IOPS = 1024, NPROC = 100, EP = 20.

Due to the nature of the product, we don't offer a demo for our reseller products at the moment.

You will have to provide support to your clients. We only manage the technical and network issues of the server. 

Our server is based in Netherlands, Europe, USA.The server has 24 cores, 128 GB of RAM, NVMe SSD storage, and a network speed of 1 GBPS.

Yes, you can create packages or hosting accounts with more resources than the allocated resources to your account.

Yes, as we are strictly against spam, we have installed spam protection filters for both incoming and outgoing mail. 

We will transfer up to five of your accounts from the previous host for free. For the remaining accounts, we charge ₹40 per account.

Of course, you get your own private nameservers with your reseller account.

We take a weekly backup of all accounts that can be accessed through the backup addon only.